A tryst with Directed Acrylic Graph!

Different type of network structure
  • Permissionless — such as normal cryptocurrencies. The major philosophy behind permissionless DLT is giving authority to the public and making it unbiased. This was the very essence that Satoshi talked about in his whitepaper — Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system.
  • Permissioned — The access of permission can be public (or private), however; the authority will always be private. It could be like the blockchain that JP Morgan is using or Hyperledger fabric by IBM.
  • Then there can be federated and hybrid DLTs as well.
  • Worry about the size
  • Has no specific time interval
  • IoT network includes a large number of heterogeneous systems — Because of a large number of heterogeneous systems, IoT devices interact a lot on the application layer and network layer and are prone to Denial-of-Service attack (DoS)
  • The memory capacity of IoT devices is limited because of their size — Since the memory capacity is limited, they need to have a constant connection with each other, and they generate a large amount of data.



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The Cherry Block

The Cherry Block


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